Monday, 7 May 2012

Drum Roll Please....

Is this thing on??
Welcome to the first ever post on Curios Emporiums blog. 
For those of you that don't know Curios Emporium is a Pop Up Pub Fair based in Cheltenham. We're hoping to organise regular fairs with a difference....a bustling festival of vintage loveliness full of curio's, records and handmade British design. Our first fair is on the 2nd of June and will be held at The Swan, which is a super fantastic pub on Cheltenham's High Street (even if we do say so ourselves...we may be biased...we both work there!) We hope to bring the pub and the fantastic hand picked talent together to create a superb day full to the rafters with acoustic music, vintage tunes, Great beer, Great food and most importantly a great atmosphere. The first fair will be held as part of our Jubilee celebrations so expect lots of bunting and a 'Great British Flair' harking back to the old days of street parties and good old fashioned fun. As it's our first ever one the Pop Up Pub Fair on June the 2nd will be for free! That's right dearies...we aren't asking stall holders for any of their hard earned money!! Soo if your interested please get in touch, our email is
Or get in touch on facebook 
It's going to be a roaring success! (I can feel it in me waters!)

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